October 6, 2013 Dear Diary: Marc Jacobs Makes an Exit from French Fashion House Louis Vuitton

This past Wednesday, I was disgruntled to learn that Marc Jacobs would no longer be head designer over at Louis Vuitton.  What would become of the brand, I thought?   Jacobs, who also has his own line, Marc Jacobs, has been at the French fashion house since1997.  Arguably, Jacobs has made some of the greatest and most talked about collections of the LVMH brand.  It was also very interesting that he made the announcement on the day of Louis Vuitton’s fashion show, during fashion week.

What Jacobs is about to do with his own brand is probably why he chose to leave Louis Vuitton.  Jacobs has planned to take his own brand public.  In 3 years, WWD reports, that the Marc Jacobs brand will be as big a trademark as the Louis Vuitton brand he has worked under for the past 16 years.  Understandably, when given such a big opportunity, why not go for it.  But what will happen to Louis Vuitton?  There has not been a successor named for the brand as of yet.  However, rumors are already swirling that Nicolas Ghesquiere could be Jacobs’ successor.  I truly wish Marc Jacobs the best of luck, but I hope whoever will be his successor will be able to keep Louis Vuitton as visible as Jacobs has over the past years as the head of design for the company.


September 29, 2013 Dear Diary: Check out AAU at NYFW

Image courtesy of http://www.mbfashionweek.com/designers/academy_of_art_university

Even though I did not attend New York Fashion Week this past September, I had a chance to view my schools collection for the Spring 2014 runway show online.  While perusing the fashion school’s website, (at www.fashionschooldaily.com), I had the chance to see what colors, silhouettes, and styles are of the moment, according to the Academy of Art University’s fashion students.  I was very much pleased with all the looks assembling down the runway.  They each had their own “look” and feel that is for the viewer to interpret.  For instance, I fell in love with MFA fashion design candidate Nika Tang’s Spring 2014 runway collection.  The colors she chose were white and pink and blue pastels, with ruffle and lace embellishments.   Some of the pieces played off of the high-low trend and featured over-sized sleeves and collars layered on textured coats.  While taking a closer look, fringe and knit embroidery can also be seen on top of the layers of fabric.  This collection is very interesting; it struck my eye because it was different from what can be seen sashaying on the streets of New York, London, or even Paris for that matter.  The looks were cohesive and as mentioned on the fashionschooldaily.com website, Ms. Tang’s inspiration was of mermaids, sunfish and flora and fauna.  She really did a great job of bringing her interpretation to life on the catwalk.  Kudos to you, Nika Tang, for your fabulous assemblage.  I am always in awe of AAU’s fashion shows.  Academy of Art University, by the way, is the only art school that shows each season at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, which is now held at Lincoln Center.  This speaks highly about the talent that comes out of the University.  I am very proud to be a student there and I can’t wait to see what inspires the next group of fashion designers who will show next season at NYFW.  Until then…

September 22, 2013: Dear Diary: I love RiRi’s Style…

Imagephoto courtesy of google.com

Whenever someone asks me who I admire, in the fashion sense, I always say Rihanna.  I love her bold choices; she’s not afraid to take risks.  So I live vicariously through her.  I would love to shave the sides of my head (but I’m not that bold).  She wears sexy clothing that accentuates her curves.  I’ve tried that but I received a lot of unwanted attention.  I just wanted to put it out there… I love you RiRi!!!

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